Florida Laws Governing Motorcycles and Motorcyclists

FL Law Regarding Motorcycles & Motorcyclists

The State of Florida has enacted some very strict but reasonable requirements governing the use of motorcycles, either Florida registered, or traveling in the state. All cyclists are required to understand and obey the laws pass down in accordance with Florida Statutes.

Requirements that government motorcycles themselves as described but Florida Statutes are as follows:

Motorcycle are defined under 322.01(26) has more than 50cc displacement, seat or saddle, not more than 3 wheels on the ground, excludes moped or tractor:

License to operate a motorcycle require either a Motorcycle Only License,  or Motorcycle Endorsement added to existing driver’s license. Operators under 16 cannot operate a motorcycle over 150cc.  Fla 316.2085(6)(a) or ‐rent a motorcycle 316.2085(6)(b)

Eye protection requirements:  Whether a helmet is worn or not worn, eye protect-ion is required by Florida law 316.211(2)

Helmet requirements under Chapter 316: Persons under 21 years of age riding or operating a motorcycle must wear  DOT approved helmet fastened to head 316.211(1)

Persons over 21 with medical insurance of $10,000 or more may ride/operate a motorcycle without helmet; proof of medical insurance is required……316.211(3)(b)

No helmet is required for person riding within an enclosed cab or any person 16 years of age or older who is operating  or riding upon a moped or motorcycle with 50cc or less displacement or is rated not in excess of 2 brake horsepower and which is not capable of propelling such
moped or motorcycle at aspeed greater than 30 mph on level ground.  316.211(3)(a)

Insurance required for motorcycles in Florida.

Under certain circumstances, insurance is required by law. Insurance is not required to register a Motorcycles as with four‐wheel motor vehicles. However, if a motorcycle operator is charged in a crash with injuries, or has had certain violations in the operation of a motor vehicle, then the motorcycle owner or owner/operator can be held financially responsible for bodily injuries to others and property damage to the vehicles of others. If no liability coverage  was in effect, then bodily injury/property damage liability insurance must be purchase and kept for three years under an S.R.22 filing to avoid license and tag/registration suspension or to reinstate license and tag/registration after suspension. (Section 324 F.S.)

License plate:  A motorcyclist may not conceal or obscure their license plate. The requirement that a motorcycle license plate be affixed horizontally is deleted.  316.2085 (3)*

Packages:  No packages or bundles or other which prevent both hands on handle-bars 316.2085(4)

Lane Splitting/Lane Sharing:  ‐No person shall operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic 316.209(3)    No more than two may ride abreast in any lane 316.209 (4)

Maximum Handlebar height:  Handlebars can be no higher than the top of the cyclist’s shoulders 316.2095(2)

Wheelies and/or Stunting:   Failure to ride with both wheels in contact with the ground, facing forward, while sitting with one leg on each side of the motorcycle 316.2085 (2)*

Motorcycle License Endorsement:  No driver license endorsement for motorcycle322.03(4) *For a violation of 316.2085(2) or (3) above, reference statute 316.1926in comments to ensue enhanced penalties:  1st offense ‐ $1,000 fine 2nd offense ‐ $2,500 fine, 3rd offense – 3rd degree felony

Standard Vehicle Equipment: Florida statutes govern all vehicles, motorcycles, cars and trucks to the same standard of being equipped with horns, turn signals, brakes, tires etc.

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